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About this Blog Site:

Peace in the Word is a blog site designed for Catholics and others interested in exploring God’s love through reading. I am a once fallen-away Catholic who experienced a conversion in 2013 and am currently striving to reorder my life with Christ at the center. As an avid, life-long reader, one of my primary means of prayer, contemplation, and inspiration is through reading the gospels and books focused on Catholic and Christian topics. I wish to share some of what I am reading through two types of blogs.

Weekly Gospel Reflections: For frequent visitors, I will post the gospel reading for mass on the coming Sunday. I find this sort of preview reading helps me to focus better at mass on God’s message and be more open to His guidance in my life. These posts will include a brief reflection where I will share some personal thoughts about the sense I am making of the reading. These are designed to provoke further reflection for readers and increased interest in the homily at mass. These posts are not intended to be authoritative or heavily researched. I am not formally trained in theology and claim no particular expertise, only a sincere desire to understand God’s Word in my life. These readings will use the New American Bible Revised as their source.

Catholic and Christian Book Reviews: Occasionally, I will post a book review of a Catholic or Christian book I have read recently. The choices will be eclectic, including popular, contemporary titles, classics in the Christian non-fiction genre, and a range of titles spanning from devotional literature to light inspirational reads. The purpose is to provide honest reviews that may be helpful for readers searching for good Catholic or Christian titles. Feel free to share your own titles you feel may benefit me or other readers.

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